Bibs for Babes


        For women of any age who wish to maintain their "look", protect their clothes, and have fun making a fashion statement. "Bibs for babes" are made of a variety of materials, laces and trimmings, each "one of a kind". a unique accessory and a wonderful gift.  Every order is special to me; tell me about colors, textures and even memories you would like integrated into the creation of your unique "B4B". For those of a certain age, I can include an internal plastic lining. Bibs are easily washed by hand, hang to dry.



$ 20 or 3 for $ 50

$ 25 for plastic lining, 3 for $60

E-mail me your order with address, or addresses to mail gift

Deposit  ( total) can be mailed

in USA: PO.Box 365, Highgate, Vt 05459 USA

in Canada: 1965 St Armand Rd Pigeon Hill, St Armand QC J0J1T0

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