Photo bag – sac image

    I sew looking out my front window at the mountains of vermont and the rolling hills of quebec.  I live in an old country store, in a village of 18 houses, surrounded by beauty. The rhythms of nature  inspire me. I need beauty as much as breath to live. 

    I created the photo bag, “sac-image” so that I can carry beauty with me all the time.  Having everything I need in one small bag along with photos and images that inspire me, I feel free.  Travelling light, it is also easier to go out the door for the country walks I cherish.

    The colors and the textures of the sac please me. I experience sensual pleasure as I slip my hand into the soft zippered compartment for keys, money or credit cards.  Daily, the photos I carry  in the frame compartment are changed to suit my mood. Life is easier having my glasses and grocery list (cell phone/water bottle) so easily at hand in yet a third compartment. 

    I am grateful to my great-grandmother for teaching me how to sew and all those who introduced me to photography and the art of seeing.  Creating  sac/image delights me knowing it will give someone else the experience of ‘walking  with beauty” 

    30% of profits will go to “Equality Now”, “FINCA” and the Nevis bag project