Nevis As We See Her: Goin' to Come Back
by Rosemary Willis Sullivan and Mary Jo Cannon

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ISBN: 1-4196-1164-X
Binding: Trade Paper

68 pages

“Nevis as We See Her: Goin’ to Come Back” is the First Book in a series of six. Photographs and oral histories of people who love this small Caribbean island will entice you to want to know more about Nevis. On Nevis, nature is immediate and life is lived in the "now". Mount Nevis sends its lush green growth down to the blue sea. Nevisians and visitors meet on the beaches, at the shops, on the ferry and cricket field, at the market. Whether you live on Nevis all year 'round, come for a vacation or come back whenever you can, goats, ground provisions, friends and flowering botanicals will be waiting for you. Young and old, people of many backgrounds recount their personal experiences and histories. Interwoven with Rosemary Sullivan's beautiful photographs their tales create a unique love story.

Rosemary Willis Sullivan and Mary Jo Cannon